Help for Japan

After seeing the Japan earthquake on the news I thought of how I could help them.

Lots of children have been suffering because they have knowwhere to sleep or have any shelter.

The only thing I could think of was to raise money,  I decided to auction my prize possession

(Signed Jamie Carragher Shirt)

I would like it to raise at least £240, it has 4 days left and closes on the

25 April and at the moment it is at £175 .

You can go to the eBay page by clicking on the picture of the shirt. Thank you and please bid


Don’t X The Line

I am proudly writing this blog to tell you about a campaign called

Don’t X the Line

Don’t X the Line Founder Mal Lee decided to make a real difference to all junior footballers like me by setting up his own campaign of RESPECT

Here are some of Mal’s words:

I was involved in grassroots football for well over 20 years; throughout those years I have witnessed first hand aggression, verbal abuse, racist comments, bullying, and now the smoking of illegal drugs on the touchlines of some Junior Leagues. Not just on Merseyside, but leagues throughout the Country.

I have witnessed children crying because their parents are involved in fighting with the opponent parents, referees abandoning games and walking away from them, never to return to the game because of threats and abusive comments directed at them.

Committee members have stepped down due to aggressive parents, and sometimes managers. Campaigns like Don’t X The Line must be continued to be supported by the decent people who support the sport for all the right reasons.

Together we must protect our children and referees, and bring the sportsmanship and fair play back into grassroots football.

Today I was suprisingly asked by Mal Lee to become an Ambassador for the campaign and work alongside my Liverpool FC hero Jamie Carragher.

It is a huge honor to have the chance to help Don’t X the line and make a difference as well as meeting Mr Liverpool himself. Thanks Mal

When I first started this footy1o blog I never thought it would help me to do something this important. I am very proud. I will keep writing about everything I do with Don’t X the Line on my blog and hopefully help spread the word.

Thanks Footy10

Twitter: @footy_10

Score Predictions

Here are my predictions for Saturday and Sunday

Saturday, 15 January 2011

Chelsea v Blackburn, 15:00 Score 2-0

Man City v Wolverhampton, 15:00 Score 2-0

Stoke v Bolton, 15:00 Score 1-1

West Brom v Blackpool, 15:00 Score 0-0

Wigan v Fulham, 15:00 Score 0-0

West Ham v Arsenal, 17:30 Score 2-3

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Birmingham v Aston Villa, 12:00 Score 2-2 

Sunderland v Newcastle, 12:00 Score 1-3

Liverpool v Everton, 14:05 Score 2-1

Tottenham v Man Utd, 16:10 Score 3-3



Jamie Carragher helps Orphans in South Africa

It’s very rare for newspapers to write a story about footballers doing something for a worthwhile cause. Most stories are reporting bad behaviour or players wanting more money they don’t need.

As a 10 year old, role models are very important so children can grow up following in their footsteps on and off the football pitch. So I was excited to receive today a signed Liverpool FC shirt from my role model: Jamie Carragher

I also learnt today (14th January 2011), before any newspaper, website or twitter user that Mr Liverpool and his 23Foundation have sent new football boots and Liverpool FC shirts to orphanages in South Africa.

The football boots only left the UK today and will be with the children in a few weeks. I’m sure they will be over the moon and will support Liverpool FC for ever more, I am also getting sent pictures once the gifts have arrived and will add them to this blog.

One of the orphanages in Cape Town is home to 60 children aged between 2 and 11. A picture of the children is below.

I’m very proud to be able to tell you this great news and equally proud to be a Liverpool FC fan.

Please support the 23Foundation and remember you heard it here first. Spread the word.

Thanks Footy10

Twitter: footy_10


The Dalglish Effect

Guest Blog

The period and content of the is article could go back 1435 days, but it won’t. This article could cover many topics already discussed and agreed by Liverpool FC fans worldwide about the direction of their club, but it won’t.

Instead, this article focuses on the day the ‘Dalglish Effect’ washed over the whole Liverpool FC Community, the day a hero and legend returned to help out, seeing anything else as an insult to the club and its supporters. What does this mean, passions, belief and expectation reconfigured?

For me, the ‘Dalglish Effect equals pride.

Every Liverpool FC fan owns a box called pride, millions of people’s religion and happiness are kept in it, Liverpool FC their religion, winning their happiness. This box is part of every Liverpool fans life, passed onto them by fathers, wore upon their chests, discussed with vigour and history that can’t be faulted nor erased.

Since the 6th Feb 2007 (1435 days ago) every Liverpool FC fans pride has diluted, never dried up but none the less become diluted. Jumped on by rival supporters and clubs to clamber closer to the position Liverpool FC holds as an institution of success. Bombarded by media and bloggers trying to increase readership and blog statistics, using words as chisels to chip away at the status of Liverpool FC as a big club.

Well, chapter closed i’m afraid.

I won’t go into any detail of the results the day the ‘Dalglish Effect’ started, it will be well covered by thousands of articles and authors. But I question the importance.

Instead, today saw the box all Liverpool fans own dusted down. 9,000 boxes paraded at Old Trafford, the remaining 42 million boxes were given pride of place next to their loyal owner.
Today saw dreams, expectation and belief refound and dusted down. The same dreams, expectation and belief that were placed in the box called pride after the 90 minutes had expired.

What happens in the next few months is open to predictions but one thing is secure, the next chapter of Liverpool FC has started to be written and every word is screamed out for everyone to hear with PRIDE

The ‘Dalglish effect’ officially started on the 9th January 2011.

Enjoy it…YNWA


FA Cup Round 3 Predictions

FA Cup Fixtures

Saturday, 8 January 2011

Arsenal v Leeds, R3, 12:45 2 – 0

Blackburn v QPR, R3, 15:00 2 – 1

Bolton v York, R3, 15:00 4 – 0

Doncaster v Wolverhampton, R3, 15:00 0 – 2

Fulham v Peterborough, R3, 15:00 3 – 1

Hull v Wigan, R3, 15:00 2 – 1

Reading v West Brom, R3, 15:00 2 – 3

Scunthorpe v Everton, R3, 15:00 0 – 2

Sheff Utd v Aston Villa, R3, 15:00 2 – 1

Southampton v Blackpool, R3, 15:00 0 – 2

Stoke v Cardiff, R3, 15:00 2 – 3

Sunderland v Notts County, R3, 15:00 4 – 0

West Ham v Barnsley, R3, 15:00 0 – 2

Stevenage v Newcastle, R3, 17:30 0 – 3

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Man Utd v Liverpool, R3, 13:30 0 – 2

Tottenham v Charlton, R3, 13:30 3 – 0

Chelsea v Ipswich, R3, 15:00 2 – 0

Leicester v Man City, R3, 16:00 1 – 3



What do you think the Blackburn V Liverpool score will be?

You have up to kickoff to vote on what you think the Blackburn v Liverpool score will be.

Nothing but a Liverpool FC win will be good enough for me but what do you think.